Jimmy Jay makes a butterfly friend


Today the pressure of my self-imposed March 31 deadline hit me hard. With all of the questions of style, color palette, line width, pen and ink, or brush and ink, etc. running through my head, I felt the I was spinning my wheels when I should be working through my storyboard. I decided to skip all of the questions of technique and just draw and paint the best I can.

I chose to draw and paint Jimmy Jay making friends with Buddy Butterfly in a field of poppies. I think they both want to be the boss of the poppy Buddy is sitting on. By the way, Buddy is supposed to be a Monarch butterfly — I’ve definitely got his colors too reddish, but I’ll fix that in the final rendition. And I’ll make the poppies more poppyish. All in all, this is one more inch of progress.

In this picture I inkied only Jimmy and Buddy, and outlined a couple of poppies with a Prismacolor black colored penci. It’s produces a soft black that doesn’t overpower.