Pages from my sketchbook

Here are some of the ideas I’ve got running through my head…way too many of them and they’re all going in different directions. I’ve been watching some of those “find your style” videos on Youtube and Skillshare, and you know what, I’m more confused than ever. I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m confused — I already have a pen-and-ink style that goes back to my appreciation of the very first issues of Mad Magazine, and later R. Crumb. But for the things I want to do now, that crosshatching style simply takes me too long to do a drawing; worse, I always get the impulse to do more hatching when I should really come to a full stop. It’s an addiction to hatching.

Some day, soon I hope, I’ll know when enough is enough. Until then, I’m sketching away on some new ideas for my Meanie Bambini pomeranian character from The Deadbeat Club, and I’ve been scratching out some ideas for a children’s story book about a bird and a boy.

SKETCHES FOR NOV 17-24 (approximately)

A selection of this week’s sketches. I’ve been tinkering with Copic markers this week. Pomeranians are hard to draw — sometimes they end up looking like teddybears.